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Womens Circle

Last weekend I got to host my first women's circle. 

My goal with these gatherings is not only to share and build community but also to educate. 

Women are trying to be good wives, mothers, lovers, friends and employees, but we are also in a constant cycle. Just like the moon.  

Our energy ebbs and flows, it is powerful and we cannot deny or ignore it.

If our body wants to retreat before our bleed, but we ignore that feeling and force ourselves to work against that, we will almost certainly end up more stressed and impatient.  Life will feel difficult, and you will feel more tired and angry.
We are so disconnected from our cycles. 

Our periods or moon cycles still carry the stigma of shame and embarrassment. 

We try our hardest to ignore this natural rhythm, to keep doing what is expected of us - going at our “normal” pace. The changes in hormones within our body can have dramatic effects on our internal energy and influences how we compensate externally.

Looking forward to continuing t…

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