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In the Mood to Create

Women, does anybody else notice how their moods and energy change throughout their cycle?

Growing up, all anyone ever talked about was PMS. You never heard about anything else. Tracking my cycles I've been able to track my moods and thus take better care of myself. I know when to expect to feel tired, I know when to expect to feel irritable, and I know when to expect to feel more motivated.

I've noticed that right after my period ends, I have a couple down days that almost feel like a recovery/transition phase. As I near my "fertile window" as my handy cycle tracking app likes to call it - I feel crazy motivated. I clean, I craft, I workout, I write. And my mood is a ten. Granted, I realize this is because my body is wanting to procreate.

Side note, can it be ok and accepted for women to talk about their cycles and fertility without everyone jumping to the conclusion that they are trying to get pregnant? Let women reclaim their fertility and have the space to talk a…

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