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Decolonizing our bodies

Yesterday I listened to this really awesome podcast, Decolonize the Body, from a show called How to Survive the End of the World

There has been lots of talk these days about decolonizing. And I love it. It feels amazing to feel validated. All these emotions of pain and sadness from when I was a child and being called too hairy, too curvy, too dark. It feels validating to finally hear - thats bullshit. These are just the words from an oppressive culture. These are the words from major corporations trying to sell you whatever is their latest trend. These are the words that have been handed down for centuries causing women to disfigure and harm there bodies. To be whiter, thinner, blonder.

In the podcast, they posed the question - when was the first time someone expressed disgust at my body.

I thought to myself and remembered when I was third grade - sitting at my desk - minding my own business - doing my work - doing my best to blend in and stay quiet - the boy next to me GASPED at the s…

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