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One Year of 45

Tomorrow marks one year of 45.

One year of a slap in the face wake up call. To stop staring at your phone. To stop thinking about brunch. To stop excusing your racist aunt. Time to stop saying with love we can come together and to start calling out people's bullshit and really take action. Being blunt and honest.

I'm sharing this post from last year as I dust off my blog. I am super happy to say after today's midterm election there has been progress. Lots

In the last 3 years, we have moved from Atlanta to Denver to Durham and back to Atlanta. 

We've gained a lot in each of those cities but we realized that Atlanta is truly our home. Atlanta is the place that gives that homey feeling in our hearts. We are community thrives and were we feel motivated.
Growing up in East Cobb, I was called a dirty Mexican, a hairy Mexican, a wet back, a spic, an illegal. Asked constantly if I spoke Mexican. To the point I refused to speak Spanish. From elementary to middle school, those word…

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